Catscarlet's Archived Projects

Catscarlet's Archived Projects, won't maintain them any more. Preserve remembrance.


Start to build Kubernetes Server from zero.
(This project is only available in Chinese for now.)
GitHub DOC (simplified chinese)

Enhanced Ziroom

This is a userscript for user who search house renting on www.ziroom.
(This project is only available in Chinese for now.)
greasyfork GitHub

one Click Remove Weibo (simplified chinese)

This project is for dealing with Sina Weibo.
Add a button to remove your shit followers, or remove your post.
One click and they are gone. No more Confirm! No more Yes/No
RemoveWeiboFans on greasyfork RemoveWeiboFans on github RemoveWeiboPost on greasyfork RemoveWeiboPost on github

Feed Mii Tool

Feed Mii Tool is developed for gamers who play Feed Mii in StreetPass on 3DS.
This tool will help you get Artisan Recipes with the ingredients you have. Just choose the ingredients you have, and this tool will tell you which recipes you can get using the ingredients.
Do not waste ingredients.
Feed Mii Tool GitHub

CHD Zone

I made an online listings web portal to help schoolmates. It was many years ago.
CHD Zone

Catscarlet's Blog - The Good Parts

This project is for displaying specific articles of your wordpress.
Writing front-end with vue2 + vue-router, back-end with PHP.
These are used:vue2, vue-router, axios, wordpress-autop.